Saturday, July 7, 2018

AAR - Fishing for Cryx

June has brought with it summer.... Oh, Japanese summer... my immortal enemy.  Heat, humidity, cottonmouth snakes, poisonous centipedes, and bees that can quite literally kill you.  Oh yeah, what's not to love, right?  Luckily for us, there was also another meeting of the Fukuyama Gaming Club.  And luck was with us, as Sarge made his second appearance this year!  And then she promptly left us again as Leland was stuck at work all day at his school's sports festival.  Ugh!  Well, we missed having him, but were glad to see Sarge again!  We were really hoping to get another board game in, but as our friend The Kid says, we've entered "War Season."  With Boundless Charge and the Japan Open coming up quickly, side games are being pushed to the, well, side, and tournament prep is taking over.  In a great use of time, all three of us managed to get two games in!  Sarge Vs. Kommissar, Kommissar Vs. DTB, and DTB Vs. Sarge... and we did it all in time to grab dinner before heading home!  SUCCESS!

My first match of the day was against Sarge, and it was a pretty good game!  I'm still working to get comfortable with my Tristan list, and am once again tweaking it to see if I can get a little bit of a better fit before go time... All of my units are pretty set, but I seem to have a little bit of a revolving door on what 'jacks I'm going to go with.  I felt comfortable enough with the new set I used in today's game, but... I'm not sure if I'm totally happy with it.  We'll see.  My next game was against DTB, and though I lost again, I did feel a bit more comfortable with the list, and I managed to spear me a big ole' bear!

A nice bear skin for Tristan's new cloak!
The next gaming days for the Fukuyama Gaming Club are July 22 and August 5!
Registration for the Japan Open Team Tournament in October is rolling along!  Make sure that you reserve your place if you're want to join!
And now, the big news... in just three weeks, my polliwogs and I are going to visit family in America!  Yeah!  Because of this, August may see some breaks in our regular posting schedule... and content!  I may not be able to get any games in , but I will definitely be visiting some of my favorite local gaming stores, and they may find themselves with a write up in the Duty Log!
Look forward to it... that's an order!

For the first time in... boy, maybe three years, I finally got a game in with Sarge!  Woot!  The last few years he hasn't been able to make it up our way for anything except the Japan Open, which he has been running.  It is a long way from Fukuyama to Iwakuni, and if he brings up some of the boys from the base, there are a lot of restrictions on them, especially that they have to make curfew (and I really mean HAVE TO.... the American military does NOT mess around with that kind of thing).  But the last two meetings he has made it up, and much fun was had!  I decided to take one more turn with Tristan to face off against his new Cryx army... sadly, Menoth is not a great match up against the undead horde!

Army List, Cryx:

The Bastard's Dark Host
     Warcaster - Goreshade 2 (Goreshade the Cursed)
          Death Ripper
     Skarlock Thrall
     Wraith Engine
     Bane Lord Tartarus
     Scrap Thrall X 2 (that's 6 thralls, y'all!)
     Bane Warriors (Maximum) X 2
          + Officer X 2
     Bane Riders (Maximum)

This list uses the Dark Host Theme Force, which will give Sarge's Bane models prowl (they'll get stealth when they have concealment) and he'll also get 2 4" fog clouds, which of course, will help his prowling Banes!

Army List, Protectorate:
Tristan's Guardians of the Temple
     Warcaster - Sovereign Tristan Durant
          Reckoner X 2
     Daughters of the Flame
     Temple Flameguard (Maximum)
          +Officer and Standard
This is, naturally, a Guardians of the Temple theme force, which will give my Daughters of the Flame the ability to Ambush (and let me tell you, that has really come in handy a few times!) and the Temple Flameguard will gain Tough and can't be knocked down when in B2B with models in their unit.

Setup, Cryx:

A ghostly horde
 We ended up rolling the Spread the Net scenerio, so that means we had a unit scoring zone in the center of the board, and a Jack/ Beast scoring zone on each side of it, and flags on opposite sides from the 'jack zones.  Sarge set his two fog clouds touching each other right next to the obstruction on the edge of the middle zone, and then proceeded to flop down that giant awful monstrosity of a Wraith Engine right in the middle!  Next to it on the left, his unit of Black Banes, with the Defiler on the outside and the BLT (Bane Lord Tartarus) a little behind them.  In front of the Engine came Goreshade and his Scarlock, with the Colorful Banes next to them on the right.  The Desecrator and the Bane Rides came next, with the Death Ripper finishing out the right flank.  Behind everything, six Scrap Thralls brought up the rear...okay, I know in the picture it looks like five Scrap Thralls and one blue marker, but use your imagination! Haha!

Setup, Protectorate:

Flameguard, ready to go!
I started with my Temple Flameguard in the Shield Wall order in the middle of the board.  Behind them, the one of the Reckoners started far on the left to try and deal with the Bane Riders that were going to be charging at me.  Then, the other Reckoner, the Redeemer, Tristan, and the Templar lined up with the choir filling in where they could fit.  On the hill behind the wall of Flameguard I set the Crusader, and finally the Purifier on the edge.  Usually I would then take the chance to set up my Daughters with advanced deployment, but since they have Ambush now, and Sarge has, like, a million Bane Warriors that are going to KEEP COMING BACK TO LIFE, I think they'll Ambush.

Our Story:
After stealing the sword of Nyssor, Goreshade and his troops are hastening back towards the Thornwood to reach the relative safety of the Cryxian tunnel system.   Under cover of night, the eldritch was moving in the direction of Bainsmarket, when suddenly a force of Flameguard from the Protectorate appeared before him, cutting him off from his destination.  Several Scrap Thralls that had been following his Wraith Engine shuffled forward and informed him that more Flameguard were moving up on all sides, trying to catch the Cryxians in a net of spears.  Sovereign Tristan Durant was in the lead, having had a vision from the Creator of Man commanding him to stop the undead horde before they could escape.  If Goreshade was to keep his prize and reach safety, he was going to have to cut that net open and lose himself and his forces in the looming woods.

Round 1, Cryx:

Forward, to the concealing fog!
The Desecrator accumulates for one focus (stupid rule!  What does it think it is, a Cyrissian?)  Then it ran 10" into the fog.  The Colorful Banes ran next to the Desecrator.  The Black Banes ran behind the obstacle.  The Defiler ran in front of the Black Banes, between them and the rocks.  The Bane Riders ran into the left zone, while the giant Wraith Engine ran between the two units of Bane Warriors.  The Skarlock did a little cross and ran to the other side of the Wraith Engine.  Goreshade moved up and cast Occultation on the Riders, and BLT ran behind the Colorful Banes, and the Scrap Thralls moved up to not be left behind.

Round 1, Protectorate:

For Menoth against the zombies!
To start things off, the Flameguard moved forward and got into three groups of Shield Walls.  Tristan moved up and FORGOT TO ALLOCATE FOCUS!!!! Haaaaaaaa, okay, this is going to be a long game.  He put Inviolable Resolve on the Flameguard and then hung his head in shame for the rest of the turn.  The Light Reckoner moved up, followed by the Choir who put Battle Prayers on the Dark Reckoner, the Redeemer, the Purifier and the Crusader.  The Dark Reckoner moved up and.... just stood there, looking intimidating.  The Redeemer took three shots with it's very inaccurate rocket and managed to kill one Bane Warrior!  Yeah!  First blood to me!  The Templar ran to join Tristan to give him some of the good Shield Guardness, and the Crusader ran behind the Flameguard.  Finally the Purifier ran into the right zone.

Round 2, Cryx:
Banes, Banes, everywhere...
The Desecrator accumulated again, then inched forward and shot at the left hand group of Flameguard, killing 1 and leaving behind a cloud of corrosion.  The Bane Riders ran forward to block both of my Reckoners, which is going to be a huge pain in the butt... how am I going to get into the zone now?  The Defiler moved to the edge of the right zone, spraying the right Flameguard shield wall with acidic goo.  They all survived, but 2 got stuck with continuous corrosion.  The Black Banes ran forward, spreading out, and the Colorful Banes followed suit in the central zone.  The Death Ripper nudged forward to lip the zone.  BLT moved into the fog, and the Wraith Engine moved a smidge closer to the zone.
Ooooooh, scary!
Goreshade moved up, and using the arc node of the Defiler he shot the Purifier with an Abyssal Gate, dealing 8 damage and moving the light 'jack out of the zone and facing backwards... ugh!  Stupid Goreshade!  The Scrap Thralls continued to shamble forward like good little zombies, trying to keep up.

Round 2, Protectorate:
Step one... get in the way!
Ambush!  Aha!  I remembered!  Yes!  Okay, pack up the game, I already won!  Oh, no, wait, that's right... let's keep going.  The Flameguard pressed forward, charging into the mass of Bane Warriors... while 3 died in a corrosive mist, they managed to kill off 2 Warriors.  The Choir got their activation right!  yay!  and put Battle on the Light Reckoner, the Redeemer, the Crusader and the Templar.  Then, the Light Reckoner killing the Bane Rider up in it's face, as did it's Dark brother.  Tristan lipped the right zone and cast Manifest Destiny!  Oh my gosh, you guys, I'm getting my activations right this game!  This is going great!  The Redeemer shot BLT for 2 points of damage and killed another Warrior.  The Crusader ran forward to guard Tristan's left, and the Templar did the same in the zone on Tristan's right.  Finally, the Daughters charged into the Black Banes, killing 4.  Sadly, as this is the bottom of the 2nd round, Cryx will score a Control Point for the left zone that I couldn't get to thanks to those meddling Bane Riders!

Round 3, Cryx:
And a point goes to the Skarlock on the right!
The Black Banes retaliated against my Daughters, killing 5 of my girls... and then the Officer used his mini-feat, bringing back 4 of the Banes I killed.... NOOOOOO!!  BLT then charged the middle huddle of Flameguard, putting 4 damage on the Captain.  Then the Colorful Banes had their chance, putting 24 damage on the Redeemer and killing 4 Flameguard... oof!  The Bane Riders ran forward to get in the way again, and then.... then the worst.  Goreshade moved forward and FEAT!!!  Damn!  Those 6 Scrap Thralls that were shambling in the back?  Goreshade killed all six of them and used their corpses to revive EVERYTHING THAT I KILLED LAST TURN!!!!  No!  Nonono!  The Desecrator moved into the left zone to torment me, and the Skarlock moved into B2B with the Flag... giving Cryx another 2 Control Points... 2 to go to win the game... I've GOT to disrupt his control game, or I lose at the end of my turn!

 Round 3, Protectorate:
Step 2... revive your ENTIRE ARMY!!!
The Flameguard started my comeback by killing 3 Banes.  Then, the last remaining Daughter killed one Bane and knocked down another.  Tristan moved up and cast Manifest Destiny, and then FEAT!!!  Then, he took Veritas, his trusty spear in hand, and killed a Bane Rider, and cast Hand of the Creator to heal 3 points to all models in his control area.  So, I realized my mistake... the Redeemer couldn't get a focus from Tristan's feat because it's Cortex was broken... I should have cast Hand of the Creator first instead of Manifest Destiny, and then cast Manifest Destiny after the feat... live and learn!
Tristan fears no death horsey!
The Choir moved up and prayed for Battle on both Reckoners, the Redeemer and the Templar.  Both Reckoners again killed the Bane Riders that kept harassing them, the Light Reckoner edging around to try and get closer to the zone, but he's not going to make it this turn to stop the Desecrator from getting another control point... I MUST make it to the Skarlock at the flag!  The Templar charged the Defiler and killed it, along with one Bane Warrior.  The Purifier killed the Bane in front of him, then used his Overtake ability to move up to the next Bane... killed it and Overtook again, then killed another and Overtook again!  Wow, MVP for the game!  He didn't make it to the Skarlock, but he got within 4" of the flag, so the Skarlock can't get a point from it this turn!  The Crusader ran into the middle zone to keep it safe from scoring, and the Redeemer knocked down one of the Bane Warriors attacking him... Cryx scores 1 more Control Point... one left until game over!

Round 4, Cryx:

Step 3 ... stall, stall, stall
The Black Banes spread out into the right zone.  The Wraith Engine FINALLY did something and charged the last remaining Daughter, killing her and spawning a Machine Wraith, which then took over the Purifier, forcing him to move out of jamming range of the flag.  2 Control Points and the game to Cryx!


Victory for Cryx!

Tristan fought valiantly, but with Goreshade and the Bane Officer's abilities to reanimate the fallen, he was being overrun... quickly it became apparent that he was not going to be able to hang on until the rest of his trap was sprung, or risk the lives of his remaining men and women.  Though it hurt deep in his soul, Tristan signaled his last few troops to fall back, clearing the way for Goreshade to escape.

A punishing blow for Menoth, but a fun game nevertheless.  I really enjoyed my first game against Cryx in many many a year!  Long long ago we had two Cryx players, but the Dark Lady had to return to Spain, and our other player got a new job that really ate into his playing time, and he had to stop coming.

Thanks for the game, Sarge!  Next time, the light of Menoth's holy flames will prevail!


  1. What a battle! Goreshade has come quite a ways from his Bastard days. 8O

  2. Indeed! He actually has a 4th incarnation that has been RETURNED TO LIFE BY THE ELVEN GODDESS!