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Widower's Wood, The Final

Well, well, well!  My trip to the USA is looming ever closer!  I can't believe that in just a few short days I'll be on a plane and heading out for a long trip home... gonna get some games in with some old friends, gonna do some shopping, and eat lots of my favorite snacks!  But I'm most looking forward to spending a lot of time with some of my favorite people.  Before I can get on that plane, however, I have a little more Commissar business to take care of... and at last, what you all have been waiting for, the Fukuyama Gaming Club finally took a swing at the final chapter of Widower's Wood!

To tell the truth, I was a little sad to see the game come to an end... seven chapters and three kickstarter exclusive missions, and I never got tired of the game.  I had such a good time playing!  I'm really looking forward to playing the Dead Men Walking expansion sometime next year, and I'm debating whether or not to pick up the Undercity game that is the urban parallel to our swamp romp.  For this final chapter, Sarge joined us, making it so that no one had to double up on a character, and we could all focus on beating up on some immortal booty!

A fourth player for our final chapter
The Fukuyama Gaming Club will be meeting next on July 22 and August 5.  I myself will be absent from both meetings since, you know, America!  So come and get a game to fill in my absence!
October is fast approaching, and with it the Japan Open Team Tournament, so make sure that you are registered and ready to go, since space are filling up!

And now... drum roll, please... the final chapter of the Widower's Wood campaign.  I know you've been waiting with baited breath, and here we finally are, at the knife's edge between success and failure.  The characters have been upgraded as far as we could get them... the players are on edge and ready to roll... the dice have been promised first born children for good rolls in the game... and... GO!
Invincible Deathless, Invincible Schmethless
The Story So Far:
As our last chapter ended, the characters had successfully interrupted the ritual that Rasheldonak was performing to resurrect an immortal Deathless.  As the group was sharing a high five on a job well done saving the swamp, one last prayer from a dying Mist Speaker cracked the seal on the the Deathless' prison, and he appeared.  The good news... Rasheldonak I guess took a blow to the head and realized what a mistake he made.  Full of shame, the Gatorman Witch Doctor strode forward to banish what he had summoned, but bad news... he can't control the Deathless, and to show its displeasure at Sheldon, it promptly cut him in twain.  Oops, well, that's what you get when you try to control and ancient evil!  Time to send it back to sleep!

Chapter 7, More or Deathless:

Even the villains are after it!
Time to get to work!  So, the Deathless, living up to his name, is in fact immortal, unless you can tempt him to come over to the Druid Stone circle on the opposite side of the board from where he starts.  As he passes over the Druid Stones, he becomes vincible, and it's time to lay the smack down!  Once he's not invincible, you roll a dice, and then place that much XP on the clock tile.  Each time the Deathless activates (and if you pull an Impending Doom event card you roll a dice and remove that much XP).  When the XP runs out, the Deathless is once more invincible, and then the whole thing starts again with you having to lure him across the stones.  The good news is, he hates everybody on the board, so he'll kill Gatormen just as much as he will the heroes.  In red priority rounds, he'll target villains first, and in blue rounds, he'll target heroes first.  While it seems that we'll never get him across the board in 10 rounds, he will move the direction of anyone who attacks him, so I think it's time for Skarg to show off his ranged attack skills!  And in addition to the big baddie bearing down on us, we also have to worry about Stranglevines and Cane Leeches!  Truly, a finale of epic proportions is in the making!  Let's get to it!
Menacing Ripples, I hate you!
 Round One - Our old nemesis, Menacing Ripples!  DTB and Leland tied, spawning 2 Gators in our place.  Olo started us off by throwing a glue bomb in the Bog Trog/ Gator space, killing the Trog and gluing the Gator in place!  Vaskis stepped in to help out, killing one of the buddy Gators, before Skarg burst out the big guns and killed a Trog and a Gator.  Agata FLUBBED her first attack!  Gah!  But she did kill one Gator on the second attack!  The villain action had a Gator charge at Olo!!  Oh no!  Luckily, Olo's poisoned glands were working in fine form, and killed off the Gator.

Brave little Croak staring down an eternal Deathless
The next round brought another Menacing Ripples, and Leland took the Gator this time.  Olo moved into the swampy area and used his Fettershot Rifle into the Deathless and Gators surrounding him, killing the Gators!  Yes!  Awesome work, Olo.... oh no!  Those undead eyes are turning your way!  Look out!  Vaskis noticed a couple of Shamblers heading our way, and shot a Chain Lightning at them, killing one.  Skarg moved up one square and shot the Deathless TWICE IN THE FACE!!!  Too bad it's invincible, that was great shooting.  The good news, the Deathless moved twice, once after each shot, leaving little Olo out of the line of fire next round.  The bad news... he's literally standing in the square with Skarg!!!  Agata put her sights on two Gatormen and sent both of them off to Kossok.

Skarg is FEARLESS!
Skarg, Skarg, Skarg... the Boss event card activated the Deathless, who attacked Skarg twice for 3 damage... ouch!  Olo moved up to try and keep the Trogs at bay so they wouldn't distract the Deathless, but on his villain action he got charged twice!  Luckily, he had some traps handy to get one of the Trogs, and the other one missed him!  Vaskis followed suit, but missed his charge attack.  Then, the Deathless again attacked Skarg, dealing another  damage, leaving Skarg stumbling with only one left.  Skarg then decided to get the heck out of Dodge, but he got caught on the free strike, and went down in Olo's square!  Nooooooooooooo!  Hang in there, Skarg, we're gonna help!  Seeing her buddy in arms go down, Agata moved in and slammed the Deathless closer to the stones.
The Gators tried to stab it in the back... no luck!
Olo took his action to revive Skarg!  Phew, it's lucky that he had an alchemical restorative on him!  Vaskis continued his attempt to keep the Shamblers at bay, shooting more Chain Lightening into the bunch, knocking down 2 and outright killing one!  The Deathless stood and moved up into the space NEXT TO THE STONE!!!  So close, but how are we going to get him to move onto the stones themselves... 
Out of the way, Trog!
 Skarg moved out of combat (taking no damage this time!) killing a Gator and a Trog cowering in the forest, trying to keep the path for the Deathless clear.  Agata Hoofed It into the forest, killing off the last Trog and Shambler anywhere near the Deathless. 

How does Olo always get in these situations?
A Perilous Journey card brings out some Cane Leeches, but we're going to try and ignore them for now... Sadly, Olo is in a bit of a pinch... trying to get out of trouble, he dropped a Corrosive Slime bomb in his own square, since he's immune to poison, and amazingly DID NO DAMAGE!!!  Oh man!  How is that possible!  Let's hope he's slippery enough to survive!  Vaskis moved into Agata's square, on the other side of the stones from the Deathless, and cast Razorwind, hitting him and causing him TO MOVE ONE SQUARE CLOSER TO VASKIS, STRAIGHT INTO THE STONES!!!  Yesssss!  He's vulnerable!  Let's go!   We rolled a 4 on the dice, so we've got 4 Deathless activations to get this done!  Then, to show off a little bit, Vaskis used his Hand of Glory to knock down everything in a square next to him, so of course he knocked down the Deathless and the Trog standing with it.
Down, foul creature!
In the villain action, the Trog stood up, and a Shambler charged the Deathless!  Hahahaha!  Take that!  3 damage from the undead villain on our right!  Thanks, Shambly!  The Deathless, on his turn, stood and killed both the Trog standing with him and the Shambler that just shanked him in the guts with its bony fingers!  Skarg took aim and shot the Deathless twice for 4 damage, leaving it with only 3.  As the Deathless moved toward Skarg, Agata used Pursuit to get out of the forest and into charge range of the villain!  Then... the moment we've all been waiting for... our Queen of Carnage, the great finisher, charged the Deathless!  With the Finisher ability, she'll roll an extra dice against models that are already damaged, so all she has to do is hit!  First attack... makes it!  Three dice on the damage... and she rolls a zillion, which means SUPER DAMAGE!  So, that means two points on the Deathless... one attack to go.  She hits... and does the final damage, winning the game!

Back to sleep, Deathless jerk!
With the threat to the Widower's Wood vanquished, our valiant heroes go their separate ways.  But as Olo returns to his nest, his mate, and his polliwogs, a human is waiting for him, an old friend in need of his help... a professor from the university in Corvis...

And thus, we can't wait to play the expansion, Dead Men Walking.  I'm so looking forward to it, but with the tournament and everything coming up, I'm not sure when we'll get to it.  I promise, you'll all be the first to know!  Widower's Wood was a great game, and I think could have a pretty high re-playability.  All in all, I give this game and its campaign a flat 9.5 out of 10!  Go play it, people!  Enjoy!

Well, that's all for now.  Hopefully I'll be able to hit up a computer in the States to keep you up to date on all the good gaming I'll be having, but if I can't then it's going to be a couple of weeks until next time!  Fear not!  Another Duty Log will be up in the not too grim future!  Until then, keep facing forward... you never know when the Commissar will be along!

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