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AAR - Cygnus Recon

Welcome again, everybody!  April 1st was a busy busy day, let me tell you!  April Fools Day combined with Easter, and me with a couple of pollywogs led to an interesting holiday (did anyone else wrap up grapes like chocolate eggs?  Cause it's pretty funny!).  But on that same day, the Fukuyama Gaming Club held its April meeting!  Luckily we managed to get through several rounds of Warmachine/ Hordes and another chapter of Widower's Wood without anyone trying to prank anyone else.  Phew!  A win, in my opinion!  Sadly, we did have a little happening that I would like to take this moment to talk about for the good of the wargaming community at large.  Let me explain...

In an effort to help me complete my lists for the upcoming Japan Open Team Championship Tournament, DTB found someone on ebay selling two Choir members for my Protectorate of Menoth army, since I only needed two figures and therefore didn't want to buy a whole new unit and get stuck with three extra models.  The models were being sold as is, out of package (no big deal), and there was a picture of them, much like this (but not yet painted).
Looks okay, right?
At the April meeting, DTB handed them over to me, but there was something wrong... Something.  Very.  Wrong.  Here... a view from behind...
Hmmm?  What the heck?
Now, those of you who don't play Menoth may not notice, but as you can see, there is a little dimple in their backs... Choir members do NOT go unprepared into the fires of battle, you see, but carry scrolls of prayers to Menoth in cases hanging from straps just above their butts.  Like this guy here, from my already painted unit.
Tada!  Scroll Case to the rescue!

And this brings us to my new segment...

Don't Be A Jerk
Seriously, man.  Don't be a jerk.  For the good of the whole wargaming community, just don't.  From players throwing hissy fits because they start losing a game to sellers trying to be sneaky to make a few extra bucks, the jerks really can put a damper on a good gaming experience.  Could it be an innocent mistake?  Yeah, I guess it could be, but who are we kidding?  That seller on ebay KNEW that the models were missing pieces, and he tried to cover it up.  Ergo, "sold as is" without mention of missing bits or a photo of the back of the models, where there are clearly parts missing.  Missing parts is not as big a pain in the butunkus as it used to be, so for the right price I may have bought these anyway.  That's not the problem.  The problem was this dude was being intentionally devious, and that's not cool.  Remember, kids...it's just a game, and we're all trying to have a good time, so think before you decide to ruin it for everyone.

Anyway... parts have been ordered from the Privateer Press Online Store, and should be here soon, and then my Choir will be in good shape.  Painting on them is really coming along!  They should be finished by the next meeting of the Fukuyama Gaming Club.  (Actually, they're finished now!  Surprise!)

The Fukuyama Gaming Club will be meeting on May 20, June , and July!  Come join us!
The Japan Open Team Championship is still accepting registration for the upcoming Tournament in October!  Sign up as a 3-person team, or as a single, and we will help place you in a team!

All this brings us to today's battle!  BATTLE!!!  Between the fighting Greenies of Leland's Cygnar army and Kommissar Koala's (that me!) Interdiction of the Dawn Protectorate army!  Leland has done a really good job of getting his models painted up, and they're looking pretty good!  The last couple of games he's been running the same Heavy Metal theme force list, which is a great idea for a new player to really get a feel for how the army works together.  I seem to be in the habit of switching back and forth on my two armies to get some good practice in, so today I decided to run with my Testament of Menoth list since Tristan had a chance in March... and I was still a little mad at Tristan for performing sooooo badly last game, hahaha!  We rolled the Recon II senerio, but OH NO!!!  We forgot to bring any zone markers!!  Thank goodness I had these little brackets from waaaaay back in the day, so we tried pretty hard to make to rectangular zones, and agreed to be pretty lenient when it came to "is that guy in the zone or not" moments.

Army List, Cygnar:
Stryker Heavy Metal, reporting for duty!
    Warcaster - Stryker 1
          Ironclad X2
          Ol' Rowdy
     Trencher Journeyman Warcaster
          Charger X2
     Alison Jakes
     Sword Knights (Maximum)
     Field Mechanicks (Minimum)

This is a Heavy Metal theme force, so Leland is going to get +2 to his deployment zone, and his solos and mechanics gain Reposition 3".

Army List, Protectorate of Menoth:
Peasants and Paladins
     Warcaster - Testament of Menoth
          Avatar of Menoth
     Choir of Menoth (Maximum)
     Idrian Skirmishers
          -Officer and Guide
     Deliverer Skyhammers (Maximum)
     Paladin X3
     Champion of the Order of the Wall
     Dartan Vilmon

This list is a Faithful Masses theme force, so all my heavy warjacks will gain Hand of Vengence (if a friendly warrior model dies within 5" of a heavy jack, it gets +2 Melee and  Damage rolls for one turn, and I can put a wall template anywhere within 20 inches of my deployment zone.  Also, with Dartan in the list, all Paladin solos will gain Righteous Vengeance (if a friendly models dies in 5" of the Paladin, they get a 3" move and a melee attack in my maintenance phase.

Setup, Cygnar:

Ready to go!
Ohhh, those brackets are going to be hard to keep in place!  Anyway, Leland set up at 9" due to his benefit from the theme force.  He had Runewood and the Sword Knights all the way to the left, with the Lancer next to them.  Then came the Trencher Journeyman Warcaster with his two Chargers.  Next, the light colored Ironclad (Hulky), Ol' Rowdy, and the Dark Ironclad (Rusty), and the last on the skirmish line, Jakes and her Cyclone.  Behind the line, Stryker set up behind Rowdy, and the Mechanics unit spread out next to him.

Setup, Protectorate:

Wide deployment...
Before setting up any of my models, I set out my wall between me and the left side zone, hoping my Deliverers would be able to use it for a little protection to shoot their rockets off from.  Then, set up time!  The Deliverers went behind the wall, with the Reckoner in the middle.  Dartan, one of the Paladins and Tom took the center, with the Sanctifier, the other two Paladins and the Champion of the Wall finishing off the line.  Behind the Champion I put the Avatar, and the Choir spread out behind to give their chants to all the 'jacks.  Then, since Cygnar had no Advanced Deployment this game, I went ahead and set my Idrians next to my objective on the right side to balance out my firepower with the Deliverers on the left, and made the Sword Knights their prey.

Our Story:
Ever since his near death during the invasion of Sul, Stryker has harbored an almost obsessive hatred of the Protectorate.  Returning from a mission along the Dragon Tooth River, the red headed warcaster decided to take a detour and do some reconnaissance on the border of Protectorate held lands.  However, the Harbringer had seen his deviousness and sent her protector, the Testament of Menoth, to confront him and eject him from the holy lands.

Round 1, Cygnar:

Into the cloud with you!
Jakes moved forward and put Energizer on the Cyclone to edge it forward just a bit.  Rusty (the dark Ironclad) ran to the edge of the zone, and Rowdy ran up next to him.  Stryker moved into the cloud (COWARD!) and cast Snipe on the Cyclone.  He then channeled Blur onto the Sword Knights through the Lancer, and Arcane Shield onto the Lancer itself through its own arc node.  The Cyclone moved up and put down 2 covering fire templates.  The Lancer ran until just outside of the zone.  Runewood gave the March order to the Sword Knights, giving them Pathfinder before moving up behind the forest.  The Sword Knights then ran up behind the Lancer.  The Black Charger ran to the back of the forest, while the White Charger ran next to the Sword Knights.  The Trencher Journeyman walked up and used Dig In.  To finish up, the Mechanics ran up behind the line.

Round 1, Protectorate:

Wow, Menoth can shoot!
The Idrians kicked things off by moving up and using 3 combined ranged attacks to kill off 3 Sword Knights (wow, good job guys!) before Repositioning back 3".  The Deliverers moved up behind the created wall and did one 6 man CRA on Rusty for 6 damage.  Two more CRA's went out, but missed.  The Champion ran forward around the lake.  Dartan and the Paladins moved up and used Stone and Mortar Stance to gain additional ARM against the bullet barrage that's certainly coming.  The Sanctifier and the Reckoner ran forward as the Choir came behind them and prayed for Passage on them to make all the 'jacks untargetable by ranged attacks.  TOM moved forward and cast Cloak of Ash on the Idrians.

Round 2, Cygnar:
And into the cloud again!
The Mechanics, showing bravery in the face of danger, moved forward and healed Rusty for 3 points, then repostitioned back 3".  The Cyclone took 4 shots at the Deliverers, managing to kill 2 of them.  Jakes then moved into B2B with her lovely 'jack and cast Sidekick.  Striker moved behind the gobbers from the Mechanic team and arced an Arcane Blast into the Idrians, killing two, and triggering Hand of Vengence on the Avatar and the Sanctifier and ALSO triggering Righteous Fury on the two Paladins on the right (sadly, they look like they will not get to use the extra 3" move this gives them, since they are BLOCKED IN BY THEIR OWN FRIENDS!!!  Yeesh!  I have got to stop blocking in my own models, I do it literally ALL THE TIME!!!  Runewood moved behind the Sword Knights and made sure they still have their Pathfinder.  The Sword Knights then bravely ran into the cloud....uh, okay... going straight into the charge range of the Idrians who have them as Prey?  Alright!  Come at me, man!  The Trencher Journeyman took the opportunity to move toward the forest, putting Fire Group on his Chargers.  The White Charger then move laterally toward the forest, shooting at an Idrian but missing twice!  The Lancer edged forward a little, looks like he might be getting into position for something devious next round!  The Black Charger moved into the zone and shot the Champion 2 times dealing 6 damage!  Ouch!  Hulky (the light Ironclad) moved around the forest, Rowdy ran for the flag, and Rusty ran up next to Rowdy.

Round 2, Protectorate:
The Idrians pressed forward, jamming up the Sword Knights and making sure that they wern't going anywhere, while managing to kill off 2 of them in the charge.  The Deliverers killed off the entire Mechanic crew with 3 seperate CRA's and also put 3 damage on Stryker!  Woot!  I'm coming for you, Red!  The Paladin paling around with Dartan ran forward into the forest, and Dartan followed him, much to the ammusement of Leland... don't worry, Leland, you'll see what's coming soon enough!  Sadly, Rowdy has Counter Charge, and when Dartan finished his movement 5" from him, it triggered, and he unceremoniously squished the High Paladin into goo... oops!  Forgot Rowdy had that!  That's a punishing blow, but it doesn't ruin my plans!  The other two Paladins also ran up, one of the getting into the forest too.  The Champion ran into B2B with the flag, and even though he's surrounded by some heavy hitters, I think he'll be okay.  The Avatar moved up and used Menoth's Gaze to keep everything in 8" of him from being able to move away, hopefully keeping a lot of the models that I have painstakinly positioned safe.  The Sanctifier decided he didn't need to wait for the Choir to charge Rowdy... if only he had waited!  He did manage to do moderate damage, but he could have really put the hurt on!  Then, the Reckoner got super excited and forgot to wait for the Choir ALSO!!!  Do'h!!!  He did a little tiny bit more damage, but if those two idiots had waited for their Choir to boost them, they could have taken Rowdy out!  Rolling their eyes, the Choir picked up their robes and ran to catch up with their wayward charges... TOM moved forward and brought back a Deliverer in B2B with Rusty and also brought back an Idrian in the back of the circle of death that the Sword Knights got themselves into.

Round 3, Cygnar:
Leland by now had realized his danger... I think I'm pretty well set up for TOM's feat turn next round, where all my models in his control range will become incorporeal!  That means that he's looking at 2, possibly 3 (one horsey) Paladin charges, as well as possibly one or two heavy warjacks closing in on Stryker.  He's got to kill off all the things I got in charge range or risk an assasination run.  So!  To start, he let all upkeep spells except Sidekick go down.  The Black Charger shot at the purple Paladin and killed him.  The Lancer then unhorsed the Champion, but being a dragoon solo, he was replaced by his unmounted self, so Leland has to try to kill him again!  Jakes moved forward and shot one Deliverer.  Her Cyclone then wound up, getting 3 attacks and killing 2 Choir members and 1 Deliverer.  Stryker edged up and used his FEAT!!!  Everything is going to be super hard to kill next turn, but I think I'm still in a good position.  Rusty left combat (taking no damage from the free strike) and charged the Reckoner, and BEAT IT UP!  Holy smokes!  That was a lot of damage!  Rowdy then helped finish off the Reckoner... ugh!  The Trencher Journeyman shot the Champion for 3 damage, but he's still up and running!  The White Charger shot 2 Idrians, while Runewood killed another.  Hulky jiggered forward just a little.  The Sword Knights moved around trying to break free of the Idrians (one died from a free strike as he left combat), managing to kill 2 Idrians.

And with that, the game clock ran out.


Stryker, overconfident in the back field, was suddenly surprised as the Testament's forces began to close in on his position... suddenly, with the cold realization that Menoth's troops had begun to take the upper hand, Stryker signaled his troops to withdraw, and return to Cygnarian soil. Silently, the Testament watched them leave.  The Harbinger had told him it would be so, and so it was.  Glory to Menoth.

Well, that makes this game a draw!  But I was in a super good position for the next turn.  With Stryker's feat up I'm not sure that I could have killed him in the feat turn, but I could have really put pressure on him!  I'm pretty pleased with how I did except for letting the heavy 'jacks getting away from the Choir.  I did a good job remembering Hand of Vengence on my heavies and Righteous Fury on my Paladins, so that's a good improvement!  Thank you for the game, Leland!  I had a good time!

One thing I did notice was that I forgot to take a lot of up close photos this game!  Oh noes!  To make up for it, here is a little show of my Mardi Gras Gators!  Enjoy!

Today we'll take a look at one of the models from my Mardi Gras themed Gatorman Minions force.  Sorry, no Farrow for this Commissar, it's gators all the way.  I went to school in New Orleans long long (oh my god was it THAT long ago) before the Minions forces were released.  When it came time to chose my Hordes faction, I was debating between a Circle of Oroboros (fiercely protested by DTB, who was absolutely against my using Circle for some reason...) and Skorne.  But just before I had made up my mind (let's be honest, it was going to be Circle, if for no other reason than to spite DTB, HAHA!) the Minions forces were released, and all debate was DONE!

First up in this new feature, my favorite of the Gatormen warlocks... Maelok the Dreadbound!
Zombie Gators??!!  Heck yeah!
Sorry... not the best picture quality, but you get the idea... so, we have here a Dreadbound created by Caliban.  This is a sort of zombie of a powerful bokor that keeps his powerful mojo, but is completely dominated by the bokor that created him.  So!  The rotting corpse of a magical gator?  Awesome!

I gave the gator hide a little bit of a more light finish than most of the gator skins that I've been working on to kind show that the skin is fading the longer Maelok has been dead... also, the inner flesh that is visible through the cuts and tears in his skin are mostly red/pink, since the skin does flap back to protect it from the ravages of decay, but the open flesh around his mouth I wanted to be a bit darker, like rot had really started to set in and the meat "had turned."

He's wearing a Bog Trog skin loincloth, haha!  No wonder the Trogs hate the Gatormen!

Uh, Maelok?  You okay there, buddy?
Man, those candles were a pain in the booty!  I wasn't sure how to keep them looking like they were actually lit and causing a glow, but it worked out okayish.  I am super proud of my bone work, however... and I think the fleshy bits came out alright, too!  Again, visible flesh on the outside is darker due to the rotting taking a firmer hold, fleshy bits on the inside are more reddish as they are more protected from decay.
Fell magic makes footsteps glow!
And a final look at the base work... naturally, I'm trying to do a swamp base for them, so I have some muddy ground and a LOT of water effect to try and make it look like Maelok is trudging trough the bayou.  I may have mentioned before, while I love the basic "dirt and small rocks" bases that most people use for their armies, I have never liked it for myself... I really enjoy making unique bases for my armies in any game (my Warhammer fantasy army had snow bases!)  For most of my Gator army, the base will end there, but Maelok is an undead fiend risen from the grave by fell magics, and so I put a little "zombie glow" around his foot in the water... all the undead in this army will use it!  So, Swamp Shamblers, the Blind Walker, and a few of the new models that I don't have yet are going to use this basing techinique... an easy way for my opponents to know what models are undead, and which are just COLD BLOODED!!!  Mua-haha!

That's it for today!  Join us, May 20, for some Fukuyama Gaming Club shenanigans!


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