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Widower's Wood, Ghost Trap

Welcome, welcome!  Kick back and relax!  The February meeting of the Fukuyama gaming club was a great success!  A battle between Horgle and the Trollkin against the Testament of Menoth and the Protectorate of Menoth ended with the Protectorate squeeking out a win thanks to ToM's feat... there was also a mighty struggle between Cygnar led by Stryker and the same Horgle list that faced the Protectorate, which I wrote about in the last post, where the Trollkin managed to beat the clock and take the win.  And of course, we continued the fight to rid the Widower's Wood of a menacing Witch Doctor with evil dreams of controlling the whole swamp.

With the March gaming day fast approaching, work continues on my list of painting goals, but slowly.  In one more session, Sovereign Tristan and the Deliverers will be finished, and the Champion of the Order of the Wall will hit the painting table!  I know, I know... very exciting!

The Fukuyama Gaming Club will meet on March 18, April 1, and May 20!  Come join to get a game!  Also... exciting news!  It looks as though the FGC is going to be starting a very relaxed Dredd Ball league.  I don't know much about it, but I'll keep you posted as I learn more! 

As part of the Kickstarter that I bought Widower's Wood with, most of the stretch goals were reached!  That means lots and lots of goodies for me!  And several of those goodies were bonus chapters for the campaign.  There were two additional chapters for Widower's Wood (Chapters 3.5 and 5.5), two additional chapters for the Dead Men Walking expansion, and an extra chapter each for WW and DMW that could go in after any chapter.  After each session, we roll a die, and on a roll of a 6 we would play the extra chapter for Widower's Wood.  And last month, after trying desperately to save the Tatzelwurm from Rasheldonak's clutches, we rolled a 6!  That means it's KICKSTARTER EXCLUSIVE TIME!!!!  Woo hoo!
Olo catches himself a Ironback Snapper!

The Story So Far:
As we last left our heroes, they had failed to save a rare albino Tatzelwurm from falling into the clutches of the water fearing, psycho Witch Doctor Rasheldonak... who knows what devastating effect that miss will have!   We did, however, manage to finish off the Warlock, yay!  Vaskis managed to remove the collar that the Warlock was trying to  fit around the Tatzelwurm's neck.  Upon examining it, he has now figured out what Rasheldonak is doing.  The group headed out to try and track him down before he could finish his ritual... but suddenly, they hit a dead end... a valley full of the remains of a battlefield... and there's something moving around by the bodies... Feralgeists!  To fight off the 'beast possessing spirits, I took over Agata and it was my turn to control Skarg as well.  DTB took on Olo, and Leland once again took Vaskis.

One Shot Chapter, Ghost Trap:
Here we go!

So!  There are 4 purple heavy warbeasts that are knocked down around the board, and two Feralgeists that are running around, ready to jump into the beasts and use them to kill us!  In addition to the beasts, there are a number of Swamp Shamblers (dead Bog Trogs), Risen (dead humans), and some Thralls wandering around, trying to make us part of the party.  We have 12 rounds to incapacitate the Feralgeists or else we lose!  That sounds easy, but they are going to jump into the knocked down beasts, and so we'll have to kill the beasts, force the Feralgeists out, and kill them before they can jump into another one!  All the heroes started together for the first time in a while (but Olo, with his special ability, got to start one space closer to the action.  Our goal... keep the Feralgeists away from the Blackhide Wrastler.  In a strange turn of events, we decided to team up Agata and Skarg this time, and let the two support characters go on their own!  We'll see how it goes!

Round one started us off with the Strength of Death event card!  OH NO!!!  Olo led us off by bombing a few of the Risen that shambled a little closer to us, and then charged a Thrall and Risen, but missed them both... uh oh!  Vaskis had his back, though, and charged and killed the Risen before using Blood Boon to cast Chain Lightening, but missed, and then used Wings of Air to move into the inert Blackhide Wrastler's space.  The Feralgeists activated and possessed the Tatzelwurm and the Ironback Spitter.  All in all, we're pretty happy with those, I mean, we just faced a Tatzelwurm in the last chapter, and the Spitter is at least not as bad as the Wrastler!  Skarg started blasting away at the Tatzelwurm, and Agata charged over to take out the Thrall that was threatening Olo.
Another Tatzelwurm?
Vaskis decided that the best way to keep the Feralgeists from accidentaly getting into the Wrastler is to just destroy the Wrastler!  To damage an inert, unpossessed beast, you must do Super Damage to take away one of it's 5 wound markers, so it looks like this is going to take a while!  Skarg continued to whack away at the Tatzel-geist, doing another 2 damage!  Leaving Olo to help Vaskis, Agata went to try and help Skarg, charging a Risen and a Thrall, killing both, but she in turn got charged by the Tatzelwurm!!!  Luckily, she took no damage, and is ready to lay on the damage next turn!

Round 3 brought another swarm of Buzzard Beetles for our event card!  Wow, those beetles are dangerous!  None of the heroes were damaged, but a couple of random dead baddies went down.  Olo gathered his courage around him and CHARGED THE IRONBACK!!!  HAHAHA!  Can you believe it!  It's like when Merry Brandybuck decided to charge the king of the Nazghul!  And even better, he did 2 damage!  Yeah, you go, froggie!  Agata let LOSE, my piggy princess!  She killed a Shambler AND took down the Tatzelwurm!  Yeah!  The Feralgeist got bumped out into the square furthest from any of the heroes.
Agata and Skarg tag team the Tatzelwurm
Olo used his new Parry ability to leave combat with the Ironback so that he could throw a bottle of Vitriolic Fire back at the giant turtle, dealing 1 damage.  Vaskis killed a Thrall that got knocked down by the beetle swarms, then again used his Blood Boon (when he kills an enemy with a melee attack, he can immediately shoot off a spell), throwing Razor Wind at the exposed Feralgeist!  Yea... oh... no damage.  The Feralgeist made a dash for the Blackhide Wrastler, but Skarg managed to get it in his sights, and bye bye, ghostie #1!  Alright!  That's one down, one to go, and we're only on the 4th round!  To finish the round, the Ironback started stalking Olo, following him as he moved away.

Round 5 brought us the Boss event card.... Argh!  On a roll of a 6, the Ironback Spitter got 2 ACTIONS!!!  So, of course, the Spitter took two shots at Olo, but that is a slippery Croak, and Olo took no damage.  Vaskis shot a chain lightening at the Spitter and dealt another damage.  Skarg and Agata, a little far from the action, continued to try and pick off a few of the dead masses that were spawning all around them.  Agata charged a Risen, easily killing it, in an attempt to use the extra movement to get closer to where she needed to be to help out.  Skarg was fine a little farther back, so that he could try to cover some of the other inert beasts when the Feralgeist got pushed out of the Spitter.  And to finish the round, the Spitter continued to shuffle after Olo!  Run, Olo!  HE'S RIGHT BEHIND YOU!
I'm coming for you, Olo!
Olo made it to the Side Quest!  Unfortunately, it wasn't the continuation of the chain quest that we had started, but it turned out to be a Fettershot Rifle, which is an amazing ranged weapon!   After snagging the goods, he turned and glued the Spitter into its square, making sure that it can't charge him.  Skarg and Vaskis started moving around, getting ready for the next round's action, while Agata killed off a Risen and used her Overtake ability to move an extra space, trying to get into a charge on the Spitter next round.  And again, at the end of the round, the Spitter moved into Olo's square AGAIN!!!!  Ahahaha!  Run, Olo, run!
Pop goes the Feralgeist
Another Buzzard Beetle Swarm saw about half of the deadies go down as swarms of flesh eating beetles feasted upon their goopy corpses.  Olo turned around, and used his new found rifle on the turtle, and KILLED IT!!  Boo-ya!  That's what you get for stalking!  The Feralgeist got pushed out away from Olo near the Swamp Horror, and too far for Agata and Vaskis to help.  So, instead, Vaskis charged into a square that had a lot of dead walkers shambling around in there.
Vaskis just cannot get his Chain Lightening working!
He managed to kill off a Swamp Shambler, then used his Blood Boon ability to throw some Chain Lightening into the other walkers, but missed.  The Feralgeist ran forward towards the Swamp Horror... if Skarg can't kill it this turn, it'll make it to the beast next turn and wreck some Tharn booty!  So, with all our hopes riding on it, Skarg took aim... spent feat cards to get a boost to the roll... employed all his useable abilities... and shot the Feralgeist in the FACE!!!  Game over, biyatch!

Skarg the Marksman strikes again!
Wow!  Two games in a row, Skarg has taken the MVP award for sure!  If that Feralgeist had made it to the beast, we may not have been able to force it out again in time to win the game!  I guess my porcine heroine is starting to slip!  She'll have to step up her game and take the title back from her Tharn buddy!  With all the dead walkers we were bumping off, we raked in the XP, making a huge 46 total, which broke down to 12 XP each!  I can't wait to spend it and pick up another great ability!  We'll be playing the last of the Kickstarter exclusive chapters on March 18th, that will leave us with the two last chapters before we wrap up the campaign.  Come join us if you get a chance!

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