Wednesday, December 27, 2017

A Very Trollful Menothmas

Deck the hills with Wracks of heretics,
     Fa lalalala la la la la
Feast on the flesh of a Seige Animantarax
     Fa lalalala la la la la
Menoth's coming to purge with fire
     Fa lalalala la la la la
Pray you don't wind up on the pyre
     Fa lalalala la la LA LA!!!!

That's right, it's that time of year again... time for festive songs, twinkling lights, and a deep, bone aching cold that makes you understand why ancient peoples worried about whether or not the sun would ever return.  I hate the cold.  But I do love the festivities!  Whether you believe in the big red guy coming down your chimney with a sack full of toys, Menoth of the Wall, or even the Eternal Emperor of Mankind, there is no better way to show your devotion than throwing some models down on the table!

For your holiday enjoyment, I bring you ... a Menothmas Stand Off between the Trollkin led by Madrak 3 and the Protectorate led by the Testament of Menoth.  I realized that we don't have much in the way of Holiday-ish terrain, which is a total shame, as it would lend a little pizzaz... not that there is much sold in the way of seasonal terrain, which is why I have decided to make my own for next year.  As you may know, the Privateer Press store has a section of pins available, which I really adore.  And every Christmas, they have a special holiday pin... for example, the Santa Butcher, the Christmas Snow Troll, or the New Year Siege.  Well, one of their Christmas pins was Wurmwood, Christmas Tree of Fate, and I am going to try and make that model for a Holiday objective next year.  Maybe it will be enough of an adventure to write about right here!  Anyway, we'll see how it goes and I'll let you know.  For this year, though, no special terrain (awww, man!).  But let's have a festive throw-down and see who Santa is coming to give presents to this year!

Have a joyous and safe holiday season, everybody!  We'll see everyone back a the Fukuyama Gaming Club on January 21 to kick off another great year of gaming!

Our scenario for our Menothmas battle came up as the stand off... Lots and lots of zones.  Two circular zones for units to hold on each side, and two rectangular zones between them for beasts and 'jacks to hold.  In the middle of each rectangular zone is an objective.  Ugh, if I know DTB, I know at least one or two gargantuans is going to make it into this list, which is going to make it a bit more difficult for me to contest the rectangular zone on his side of the table.  So, it's time to take a look at just what he's going to be throwing at my poor, oppressed Menites today!

Army List, Trollkin:
Look at this bunch of Grinches
 Haha, yup.  There it is.  I guess it's just not the holidays without a giant frosty giant trying to freeze everything around it!  This is my first game against Madrak 3 (that's the Madrak after he lost his giant mind controlling axe and is back to being a sane person).  Actually, I kind of like him!  He's got a lot of interesting rules that make him an amazing leader for his people.  For example... Madrak has Shield Guard.  That means he can jump in front of one of his companions and take a shot for them!  Hahaha!  Usually warcaster and warlocks have 'jacks or beasts near them with Shield Guard to protect them!  Not Madrak, nope, he'll throw himself into danger for his dudes.  Also, Madrak acts as a Kriel Stone!  For any focus he is storing, he can project a Stone Aura to grant benefits to nearby Trollkin.  Hey, Madrak!  You got it backwards, buddy!  Everyone else is supposed to protect you!
     Warlock:  Madrak 3
                      Glacier King
                      Swamp Troll
                      Boomhowler & Co.
                      Scattergunner (Maximum unit)
                           Officer and Standard bearer
                      Pyg Bushwackers (Maximum unit)
                           Mortar and Officer
                      Fell Caller Hero

This is the Kriel Company Theme force, which means that DTB can add the Boomhowlers as a Partisan unit, he will get +1 to the starting roll, and his units can shoot through friendly models.

Army List, Protectorate:
We just want to decorate our tree!
Look at this magnificent army!  As I mentioned before, I am wavering between either an exemplar themed army or a paladin themed army to use with the Testament, so here is the Exemplar Interdiction Theme... we will see if they can save Menothmas for the Protectorate!
                       Warcaster:  Testament of Menoth
                                          Exemplar Knights
                                          Exemplar Errants (Maximum Unit)
                                               Officer and Standard bearer
                                          Exemplar Errant Seneschal
                                          Warder Gade
                                          Cinerators (Maximum Unit)
                                          Bastions (Maximum Unit)
                                          Bastion Seneschal
                                          Carvolo, the Piper of Ord
The theme force gives me 2 extra inches on my deployment zone and my warjack's weapons gain Blessed!  Not super helpful against Trollkin, but all warjacks with Blessed weapons could turn the tide against a Grymkin or Cryx army!

Setup, Trollkin:
Holiday wreckers are go!
This is a pretty big army!  I mean, are you going to be able to fit everything on the board?  I kid, I kid.  About two year ago, I was playing a Vindictus army that had so SO many models, (this was Mk. II, and Vincictus loved to have units around him, so a ten man squad of zealots, ten Flameguard, etc.) 
The Glacier King got dropped in the center of the zone next to Madrak, and the Scattergunners and the Fell Caller Hero went on the left of them.  On the other side of Madrak went the Swamp Troll and the Impaler.  Boomhowler and his buddies made a skirmish line next to the Swamper, and behind them was a line of Pygs.  This army stretches from one side to the other!  A little intimidating, I'll admit, but a Kommissar never retreats!

Setup, Protectorate:
Save Menothmas!
I'm clearly outnumbered, but I'm not worried... Trollkin are a dime a dozen, and I'm leading an army of one of the most elite forces in the Iron Kingdoms!  Time to show Immoren what the Exemplar knights are made of!  The Bastions and their Seneschal went in the center, my unbreakable wall!  Next to them on the right went the Reckoner, and on the other side of the forest I put the Cinerators, who should be able to hold their own without much assistance.  TOM and the Vanquisher went on the left side of the Bastions, and the Knights Exemplar spread out next to them, the Officer behind them.  The Piper settled in near the Knights to help them with that forest ahead of them, and the Mechanik took position next to the Templar.  And since the Trollkin don't have any advanced deployment today, I went ahead and put the Errants and their Seneschal in the zone, since they're speedy like that!  And the Wrack got placed in the forest, within TOM's control range, but out of the way of units moving up the field.

We are not afraid of you!
Our Story:  On this blessed day, the Testament of Menoth and his force of Exemplars were taking a day off from making war and enjoying decorating a Menothmas tree in a remote village on the boarder of the Protectorate.  Just as they were putting on the finishing touches, Madrak and his pillaging blue ruffians appeared, hoping to disrupt the festivities with a holiday dedicated to Dhunia!  As the Stand Off of holidays stretched across the field, it was only a matter of time until violence erupted!

Round 1, Trollkin:

Pygs hiding in the fog?  Typical!
Boomhowler took the lead, running forward with his men and using the Call of Defiance to keep Tough even when knocked down.  The Pygs ran forward into the fog, managing to get all of them into the terrain.  The Impaler riled and ran forward, and behind him the Swamp Troll walked up.  Madrak walked forward, casting Fortune on Boomhowler &Co., Swarm on himself, and keeping the rest of his fury to put up a 6" protective aura (silly living kriel stone!).  The Fellcaller Hero used March on the Scattergunners, and then moved up to not get left behind.  The Scattergunners ran forward, ignoring all terrain thanks to March, and the Glacier King walked forward and cast Frozen Ground, making a giant skating rink around his feet.

Round 1, Protectorate:

Speedy Menoth army!
The Cinerators ran forward toward the zone.  The Piper gave March to the Knights before walking up his full move.  The Errants moved up past the zone onto the hill and took some pot shots at the Howlers coming towards them, managing to kill 3!  First blood to me, then!  Not something I'm used to with the Protectorate, a notoriously slow army, but I'll take it!  The Seneschal and Gade moved to keep up, but had no targets for killing stuff.  The Reckoner ran forward, as did the Templar, and the Mechanik followed.  The Bastions ran into the middle zone and got ready to hold strong!  TOM moved up until he was lipping the zone and put Cloak of Ash on the Errants to help protect them in the next round and Hallowed Avenger on the Vanquisher.  To finish, the Knights ran forward.

Round 2, Trollkin:
The Glacier King needs a Santa hat
Madrak upkept Fortune, and the round began.  Boomhowler used the Call of Defiance again.  The company moved forward and took some shots at the Exemplars.  They managed to kill one Knight, but missed all the Errants in their Cloak of Ash.  Madrak walked forward and put up another Protective Aura.  He then cast Farstrike on himself and lobbed a spear at an Errant who was promptly impaled, and then cast Fortune on the Scattergunners.  The Scattergunners moved forward into the central zone, and proceeded to kill off 4 Errants.
Argh, growl, smash, EAT!
The Impaler moved up and used Farstrike on a boosted attack to hit a Bastion, dealing 9 damage that was spread around.  The Swampie moved up again, as did the Fell Caller Hero.  The Glacier King walked again, killed another Errant with his Frozen Breath, and made another skating rink.  With the exception of three very cowardly Pygs, the Bushwackers moved out of the cloud and made 4 3-man CRA's, missing one, hit one but did no damage (hahahaha, suckers!) and 2 dead Errants. 

Round 2, Protectorate:
Errants, taking it in the teeth
Vengence!  But, only a 3" movement, since they were too far away for an attack.  TOM upkept his spells, and the round begins.  The Piper gave tough to the Knights.  TOM moved into the middle zone, raised a dead Errant, and took a focus off the Wrack, which promptly EXPLODED!!!  Luckily, there were no troops nearby.  The Errants charged, their Standard bearer showing no fear as he came face to face with the Impaler.  5 Howlers were knocked down by making their Tough rolls, one died, and Boomhowler himself took 7 damage.  The Knights pressed forward, one managing to make it's charge and the rest ran forward.
Shield guard for TOM

The Cinerators also charged, and one Scattergunner died while a bunch of other gunners were tied up.  The Reckoner took a shot, killing another Scattergunner.  The Bastions spread out in the zone, trying to be as irritating as possible.  The Templar moved back to make sure TOM had some protection while the Mechanik snuggied up to it.  And that makes one CP to me for completely controlling the bottom rectangular zone!

Round 3, Trollkin:
Madrak upkept Fortune, and leeched up to his full 6 fury.  The Scattergunners fanned out and killed 2 Cinerators and 2 more Errants.  Oof, 2 Cinerators is brutal!  Yikes!  Madrak moved forward and put Fortune on the Boomhowlers.  Sneaky, sneaky, DTB, getting double use out of that spell this round!  The Howlers killed off two MORE Errants, knocked down one of the Knights, and KILLED GADE!!!  Noooo!  Not Gade!  Luckily, one of Gade's friends saw the danger and selflessly lept in the way of danger, keeping Gade on the board.  Phew!  The Fell Caller Hero sprayed through his own friend to hit a Cinerator.  His friend disappeared in a welter of gore, but the Cinerator was untouched.  The Impaler made a critical hit on a thrown spear at one of the Bastions... I decided it would be better to just let that single Bastion perish rather than try to keep spreading around so much damage.  The Swamp Troll, for the third turn in a row, simply moved up and looks repulsive.  I guess that's what it's supposed to be doing?  I don't know.
Who wants to go ice skating?
Anyway, the Glacier Grinch... I mean, King, slid forward a bit and punched a Cinerator so hard he wound up in the City of Man before he even knew he was dead!  And to wrap things up, the Pygs made a 9-man CRA into one of the Bastions, killing him instantly as well, and a 3-man CRA into a Knight, who was only knocked down due to Tough from the Piper.  And as this turn ended, DTB fully controlled his rectangular square with the Glacier King taking a CP for it, and I fully controlled MY rectangular square with both jacks holding it, giving us one control point each and bringing the total to 2-1 Protectorate favor.

Round 3, Protectorate:
I think, with a mere one remaining Errant, it was time to let go of Cloak of Ash... also, since most of the troops had left the two jacks behind, I let Hallowed Avenger go as well.  Time to start bringing some troops back!  The Piper gave tough to the Knights again.  The Knights charged the Boomhowlers killing two, and the most awesome of Knight Officers finished off Boomhowler himself!  And I'm claiming the victory right there!  Oh, no, I guess we keep going, but with Boomhowler dead, I've got the moral victory clinched!  The Reckoner shot the Impaler for 7 damage, which wasn't as good as I wanted, but could have been very much worse.  The Cinerators CHARGED!!! AAAAAND.... whiff on the attack on the Fell Caller Hero.  D'oh!  But one of the Scattergunners fell to their mighty attacks.  Then the Bastions left their Seneschel to hold the zone behind them and charged the scattergunners as well AND.... BEEPBEEPBEEP... time over.  Noooooo!

Victory for the Trollkin.
The Madrak who stole Menothmas

The Exemplars did their best, but the blue skinned Scrooges would simply not budge.  Finally, the Testament had his Templar vent a blast of steam, a sign to his valiant warriors to quit the field.  If the worshipers of Dhunia would not budge, then he and the Interdiction would move on to find a more fitting site for their festivities.

Come on, guys, let's go somewhere else!
Always fun to play against the Trollkin.  I like the new Madrak, and I hope DTB had a good time with him.  As for the Exemplar theme force... I liked it a whole lot.  It's hard to argue with 31 high MAT weapon masters.  Next month I'll give the Faithful Masses theme a whirl and then decided which list I'm going to go with.

That's it for this year!  We've had a lot of fun, and I'm looking forward to another great year of gaming with the Fukuyama Gaming Club!
Happy New Year, everyone!


  1. How did you lose!? Wasn't it 2-1 your favor at the buzzer?

    1. Because it’s a chess clock. When your time runs out, you lose. It is a clock... OF DEATH ☠️