Tuesday, August 8, 2017

AAR Skirmish! Gatormen Vs. Protectorate

The July meeting of the Fukuyama gaming club was on the same weekend as two great Warmachine/ Hordes events.  The first, I already mentioned last time was the tournament in Osaka, which sounded like it was a pretty fun day with a fairly good result for some of our members (great work, Rantei and the Kid!).  The other event this weekend was the Lock and Load Privateer Press event in Washington State, USA.  Oh man, Lock and Load!!!  I can't explain how much I want to go!  I am finally making plans to go next year, so look out, Lock and Load 2018, the Commissar is on the way!  This year was the big release of the new Hordes faction, the Grymkin, and I am super excited it.  The Grymkin are unlike any of the other Hordes factions.  Imagine Hordes during Halloween - pumpkin headed corpse gatherers, beasts cloaked in the faces and skins of their victims, hollow troopers whose souls have been sucked out, and rabbits with big, pointy fangs that would scare the likes of wizards named... Tim?  I have to get my hands on this faction!  My biggest problem with it is that I've already got a Hordes faction (my Mardi Gras Gators) AND a Warmachine faction (The Interdiction of the Dawn of Menoth) and I'm not sure I can convince my husband that I need another army....  Perhaps a few models at a time?  Well, we'll see... maybe I can convince him I need the all in one army box for our upcoming Anniversary, heh heh heh.

My first game last week was a full on 75 point battle against DanTrollBlitzer, but I also got another game in against our new member, Leland.  Leland is almost ready to field his very own Cygnar army but it's not quite ready yet, so once again he borrowed my Mardi Gras Gators for a 35 point skirmish against Reznik, the Wrath of Ages!  We agreed on the Recon scenario (square zone in the center with an objective at each end, and a flag off of each long edge of the zone).

The forces for today's battle!
     Army List:  Gatormen, controlled by Leland.  Leland chose to stick with Bloody Barnabas.  This is definitely the warlock that I would recommend to a new player for Gators.  He's solid, his feat is easy to use, and he has a decent spell list.  Plus, since Leland used Barnabas last time, reusing him should make things a little easier.  There is just too much to remember for a new player to keep changing casters, so Barnabas should feel a little familiar.  Most of the list is the same as last time, with just a few changes...  The list still uses the Blindwater Congregation Theme Force, so the Posse has 8 damage boxes instead of the normal 5, and also they gain Snacking, a really great healing ability, especially in conjunction with the extra damage, and it helps to keep the Posse on the table.
     Warcaster:  Bloody Barnabas
                        Blackhide Wrastler
                        Ironback Spitter
                        Bull Snapper
                        Gatorman Posse
                        Croak Raiders
                        Croak Hunter

     Army List:  Protectorate of Menoth, controlled by moi, Kommissar Koala!  I feel like I'm really close to being ready with this list for the tournament in October.  Hordes armies, WATCH OUT!!!  Your flesh... IS WEAK!!!  Obviously, I had to make a few changes to accommodate the 35 point restriction (the actual list is 75 points) but I tried to keep it as close as possible).
     Warcaster:  Reznik, Wrath of Ages
                        Scourge of Heresy
                        Blessing of Vengeance
                        Idrian Skirmishers
                            +Chieftain and Scout
                        Alligent of the Order of the Fist (I know the model looks like Dartan, but really, it's an
                        Vassal of Menoth
                        Vassal Mechanic
                        Paladin of the Order of the Wall

Dice came up Menoth, but I prefer to choose my table edge, so I decided to deny Leland the easy water terrain that the gators love, and he took the first turn.

Set up: Gatormen
Gators on the move!
The Posse made a skirmish line in the center of the table, and behind them Leland set the Ironback Spitter, the Blackhide Wrastler and the Bull Snapper behind them.  And behind THEM, Leland set Bloody Barnabas... Seems a little hesitant for Barnabas to me, but knowing Leland, he has a plan!

Set up:  Protectorate of Menoth
Reznik, moving into position
Battle Engines... so good for Menoth.  Pathfinder and a high speed, plus reposition (if I can remember to do it) are hard to come by for the Protectorate, and Reznik has it all!  He went over behind the lake since he don't care about no rough terrain!  Next to him, the Heirophant, Blessing of Vengeance, the Vassal, Scourge of Heresy, and the Mechanik line up.  The Paladin Order of the Wall headed out on the other side of the lake to try and protect the flag.

Advance Deployment:  Gatormen
     The Croak Raiders and the Croak Hunter lined up across from the Paladin... yes, he is to be feared!  Good luck, little froggies!

Advance Deployment:  Protectorate of Menoth
     The Idrians and their Officer and Scout lined up across the middle of the deployment zone, ready to lay some Combined Ranged Attacks on the Croaks or the Posse coming up at them.  I can't damage the objective yet, so I really want to try and clear out few Croaks before they get to me and rain flaming oil on my head, so the Idrians chose the Croak Raiders as their Prey.  Then, the Allegiant/ Dartan deployed on the far side of the pond, to protect the flag just like the Paladin.

Our Story: 
Barnabas, ever seeking to extend his area of influence, is taking a small skirmish force against a small Menite settlement on the edges of Protectorate lands.  He heard that there is an Arms Cache hidden in the small village, intended to arm the civilian militias should they be called to action, and has decided to take it for his own use.  Across the courtyard of the small town, the Effigy of a Paladin hero watches over the cache.  As Reznik arrives to protect the citizens, both he and Barnabas plant their standards, each claiming the village as their own.

Reznik is ready to wrack some Gators!

Round One:  Gatormen
     The croaks activated first and ran into the cover of the forest.  Polliwogs!!!  Babies!!!  Afraid of a few Idrians!  The Posse prayed for concealing mists, and then ran forward behind their own objective.  The Spitter ran into the middle of the cloud, gaining concealment.  The Wrastler riled THREE TIMES!!!  That is one pissed off giant gator.  He then took off running towards the cabin.  The Snapper ran between both of the heavies, while the Croak Hunter ran forward towards the middle of the table.  Finally, Barnabas moved forward and cast Death March on the Posse to give them vengeance, and Warpath on himself to give his battle group extra movement.

Hungry gators moving up the field
Round One:  Protectorate of Menoth
     The Idrians moved forward into firing positions.  Not everyone could get into range due to the little frogs hiding out in the forest, but I did manage to get two combined attacks off.  One shot missed, but 1 did manage to kill one croak.  The Allegiant moved and used his Shifting Stones Stance to gain +4 to his defense.  The Paladin ran forward, not needing to fear for his safety from any shooting, so I didn't feel the need to give him his stone and mortar stance.  The Blessing of Vengeance ran forward behind the Idrians, while the Scourge of Heresy ran between the forest and the objective.  The Heirophant moved up and put Harmonious Exaltation on Reznik.  Both the Vassal and the Mechanik moved forward to keep pace with their Jacks, and finally Reznik moved into the pond, cast Death March on the Idrians, just like the Posse, and then Lamentation on himself.  Now, to get into range of Barnabas to shut down his spell casting.

Getting ready for a tussle!
Round Two:  Gatormen
     Barnabas leeched all the fury on the board, and upkept both spells.  The Ironback moved forward and put it's animus Counterblast on itself.  It then spit a glob of acidic goo at the group of Idrians in the zone.  With a boost to hit, all 4 Idrians melted away to a puddle of ooze.  Killing them off triggered Barnabas' Warpath spell, and the Snapper got a free mini move, which he used to come forward a little more.  The croaks moved about 3 inches through the forest.  The three in the front threw oil and flaming darts at the middle group of Idrians, killing off three more and triggering Warpath again, this time giving a small movement to the Wrastler.  The Croak Hunter ran into the forest to join his froggy friends.  I'm not sure what's going on in that forest right now, but must be some kind of big party, since everyone wants to be there!  The Posse prayed again for the concealing mists, and ran forward into a skirmish line behind their objective.  The Bull Snapper walked sideways behind the objective, while the Wrastler walked straight up behind the Posse fighting line.  Barnabas walked forward into the center of the cloud and cast Swamp pit, placing a shallow water obstacle into the zone.

Still no engagement.... hmmm...

Round Two:  Protectorate of Menoth
     Hmmm, that seemed... awfully timid of the Gators.  Between the objective, the cabin, and the line of Gatormen, all the beasts are trapped in the backfield.  But, let's see how it plays out... The Idrians took their vengeance 3 inch movement forward, but were too far away to get an attack off.  Then, I made a TOTAL ROOKIE MOVE and forgot to allocate focus.  Man!  I know... I know... if you've been reading this blog, you're thinking, "Again, Kommissar?  You make rookie moves in almost every game."  And you would be right!  I wish I could claim that I'm just trying to help the new guy out but... well... we all know that's not the case.  Anyway, with their power up only, I can only hope my jacks will still be able to get some stuff done.  The Idrians charged the croaks in the forest.  One missed, but the others hit beautifully, with four dead croaks to take home for trophies.  The Allegient walked forward and assumed his Shifting Stones Stance, followed by the Paladin in his Stone and Mortar stance.  Two intimidating solos, if I do say so myself.
Reznik claims his flag
The Scourge of Heresy used his one focus to run forward towards the swamp pit.  The Heirophant moved forward and put Harmonious exaltation on Reznik.  Reznik, my man, moved forward onto the flag, ready to DOMINATE!!! But before he could do anything else, the gators threw in the towel, handing the victory to the Protectorate.

The Executioner at work
     Victory for Menoth!  Witnessing the terror that is the Wrath of Ages in all his fury, Barnabas thought better of his rash decision to raid the village weapon stores.  With a final snap of his jaws, he called to his croaks and beasts, and slowly they faded back into the swamps.

This was a good game because I think Leland learned a lot about how to move around the board, and even more importantly that his brutal, vicious warbeasts need to get out in front to EAT PROTECTORATE FACES!  The Wrastler is a very strong beast and needs to out destroying stuff.  Learning games are great games though, and I'm sure that Leland will pose a great challenge next game!  I look forward to facing off against his Cygnar army, when it's ready!  Next gaming date, August 20th, in the community center near Fukuyama Castle.  Come and get a game in!

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