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Widower's Wood, Chapter Three

Hey there, everyone!  Sorry for the long break between posts.  What can I say?  When your family travels over 5,000 miles to spend some time with you, you put everything else on hold!  So, a look back at what's been going on with the Fukuyama Gaming Club since the tournament.  What an amazing tournament we had!  I can hardly wait until next year to meet everyone again.  Thanks to everyone who made it down and took part in the fun.  Our next gaming day was October 29, and I tried out the first of a couple of different casters to see who my picks for next year are going to be.  Right now, I'm leaning towards the Testament of Menoth and either Soverign Tristan or Intercessor Kreoss... but there are so many that I want to work with... Malekus, Durst, and Thyra are all in my "want to use" list.  On the 29th I got in a couple of games with ToM, and I LOVED him!  So, I think he's definitely in!

But before we get into another great year to tabletop battles, it's time for a little breather, and chapter 3 of our Widower's Wood Campaign!  Our continuing quest to save the wood from the ravages of a water fearing, crazed Gatorman Witch Doctor.  But first!

Not too many announcements this time... the next several meetings for the Fukuyama Gaming Club are as follows...
November 19
December 17
And that takes us into next year... holy crap!  Is it really that late in the year already?  Ugh, where did it all go.  Anyway, we'll be getting in some Warmachine/ Hordes games, probably a little more Widower's Wood since, you know, it's awesome, and possibly some other small games.  Feel free to pop by and grab a game!
Next... this is more of a public service announcement... No Quarter, the Privateer Press bi-monthly magazine, has changed!  It is now No Quarter Prime, and it is chock full of awesome.  Mine even came with a little model of Eilish, a member of the Black River Irregulars who also does a cameo in the Strangelight Workshop novel Wicked Ways, and I will NOT say no to that!  Anyway, check out the new magazine (and the novels), it's good reading!

The Story So Far...
Last time, our intrepid heroes saved the Mist Speaker of a Bog Trog tribe in an attempt to convince the Trogs to help them find out what Rasheldonak is planning.  As they make their escape from the Gatormen that had been herding the Trogs, the Mist Speaker tells our great leader Olo that Rashedonak's bokor's are about to start a ritual to make an army of Shamblers.  So, looks like it's up to us to stop them!

We've heard that this is one of the hardest chapters, so fingers crossed that we can get through this in one piece!  We'll be using two new pieces this time around, a ritual circle and some bone piles... should be some good times.

DTB retained control over Olo, Leland continues his work with the enigmatic Vaskis, and I kept on with my darling Agata and since there were only three of us this time, Skarg got handed over to DTB.

Chapter Three:  Bring Out Your Dead
Once all the Trogs were safe, the Mist Speaker appeals to Olo, the group "good guy", to help liberate the rest of their tribe.  Rasheldonak is using them to dig up as many corpses as possible for his Bokors to use to raise an army of Shamblers.  And these shamblers will help him to take over the entire Wood!  Though Vaskis was against it, the others realized that saving the Trogs will be one step closer to saving the Widower's Wood, and head further in to the wilderness to assist the enslaved tribe.

More trogs, grumble grumbel.  But stopping an evil zombie making ritual seems like it could be fun!  I have a feeling that the difficulty that we heard about is an unending swarm of shamblers coming to eat our BRAINS!!!

The board is set and ready, so off we go!  For this chapter, our four heroes have to kill the Bokor and interrupt the ritual by destroying the circle.  Once two of the bone piles are destroyed or the Bokor is taken to half his health, the finale is triggered, spawning two Club Gatormen.  We've got 10 rounds to get this done, so we've got to bring our A game!  To destroy the ritual circle, you need to pass an Intelligence 13 check, so we sent Olo off to take care of it, and Agata went with him to put the hurt on the Bokor as early as possible.  Skarg was tasked with trying to keep the shambling horde off of our backs, and Vaskis was going to fill in as needed.  Maybe this time we can actually get a hold of one of the side quest cards on the board!

Alright team!  Let's disrupt this ritual!
The heroes started out in the middle of the board.  The Bokor was across a square of immpassable terrain, so we would have to go around through some forests to get to him.  There were two side quests on the table at opposite ends, and WE ARE GOING TO GET ONE TODAY!!!  Plus, four bone piles that are going to make zombies every round while the Bokor is active and unoccupied with one of the heroes.  So we need to destroy them ASAP.
First off, our event card for round one!  Wouldn't you know it.... I mean, could you even guess... Menacing Ripples AGAIN!!!!!  Argh!  The bane of last game.  Okay, okay, all we have to do is not tie on the roll for who gets the spawned gatorman.... HOLY CRAP WE TIED AGAIN!!!!  Hahahaha, I can't believe it!  Ugh.  Okay.  Everyone got into position to do some damage next turn.  Olo set some traps to kill anything that moved into his square, and Vaskis did the same with his new spell, the Sunhammer.

And boom!  Both Vaskis and Olo managed to wipe a couple of the first swarm of Shamblers off the board.  Several more were just knocked down, but it was a great start to our game!

Agata managed to destroy one of the bone piles on the way to catch up with the Bokor... with her mighty power to move through rough terrain as though it was open terrain, she should be able to make it to the Gatorman next turn!  Vaskis began to lead all the Shamblers and Gators on a merry chase around the forest on the right side of the board... as long as he keeps them busy.

Piggy Power!  Agata got a charge off and dealt 3 damage to the Bokor, launching us straight into the final.  Wow, this is the first time that we've been this ahead of the game... third round in and we are on the final!  The best thing is that though we spawned the two Club Gatormen, we don't have to kill them, just avoid them until Agata can finish off the Bokor and Olo can take down the circle.

Well, well, well.... Vaskis, as he made his way around the forests, managed to pick up this lovely gas mask!  Great work, Vaskis!  Our first Side Quest of the campaign!  (Due to some group discussion, we changed the Side Quest to Article 1135 to avoid a rule that we wern't sure on).Skarg decided to make a run for the other side quest... we'll see if he can get there in time... six rounds to go. 

Another Menacing Ripples card, and since we were out of Gatormen to spawn, one of the Gatormen closest to Vaskis activated... no problem!  Vaskis has his side of the board well in hand!  And with that, Olo unleashed upon the shamblers around him!  Abilities and feat cards, and Olo was literally standing on a pile of dead shamblers, ready to come across and destroy the circle as soon Agata could do in the Bokor.  And then he proceeded to get smashed by the Bokor and his stupid hand of glory!  If he hits you, then you lose a feat card!  But I need them to keep on track to kill him!  DON'T TAKE MY FEAT CARDS!!!

Skarg made it to the side quest card on the left side of the table, but was not able to make the intelligence check needed to find it!  Oh Skarg!  Why are you so oblivious!  It's right there!  Sadly for Skarg, he then got jumped by several bad guys, and wound up knocked on his ass in the corner. 

But in better news... it's Agata's turn to bring the pain!  I was down a couple of feat cards thanks to the Hand of Glory attack, but I still think I could do it.  On a nine or better on two dice, I would kill him outright.  Her first attack did one more damage, but there was one more to go... and BOOM!!!  Piggy power!  Agata takes down that scaly monstrosity, and paves the way for Olo to do his thing!
With four rounds to go, we were ready for Olo to take a try or two to break the circle.  Having the hightest initiative of the group, Olo went first.  If he failed to break the circle, then Skarg was going to try to drag his sorry corpse closer to us so that Vaskis could use his restorative potion on him.  But Olo, our mighty Olo,  broke the circle in one try!  Wow!  That was an amazing roll!  He needed a 10 on two dice, and DTB managed an 11!  And just like that, on Round 7 of 10, the game was over!

 Wow!  For a chapter that was supposed to be the hardest of the entire campaign, we crushed it!  This was by far the best game that we have had so far!  We had luck with the dice, and a good solid plan to get us to the end.  And!  We hit a side quest!  May next game go as smoothly as this one!  Leland looks like he's really starting to settle in with how to use Vaskis, and my piggy princess continues to shine as the melee power house that we need her to be!

Next gaming day is November 19th!  Come down to get in a game!

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