Saturday, September 2, 2017

AAR - Trolls Vs. Protectorate, Troll's Revenge

Another month gone by, another great meeting of the Fukuyama Wargaming Club!  And, another huge gaming event held in the US!  Yes, our meeting on the 20th coincided with GenCon, possibly the biggest gaming convention in the US (not just Privateer Press, but all kinds of gaming shenanigans).  In fact, several years ago our very own DanTrollBlitzer went to GenCon and took 5th place in their Hardcore tournament with his (now retired) Cygnar army.  In a perfect world, I would very much like to head to GenCon one of these years, but the realities of living in Japan with two little polliwogs means that I probably have only one shot (baring making it onto one of the Japan teams for the World Team Tournament) at heading to a gaming convention, and for that, Lock and Load has my heart.

This month, we got to greet a new guest, Matt!  Sadly, he doesn't live near us, being much further east towards Tokyo, but he is a good friend of Leland, and perhaps can make the trip to us once or twice a year... yay!  We had a GREAT time with him. He's a good sport, and was even willing to take on Leland's finished Cygnar army with a borrowed Cryx force... at 75 points, no less!  That takes courage!  A brand new player taking on such a hefty large force?  You are a true gamer, my friend!  Come back soon!  And often!  With the Japan Open Team Tourney a mere 7 weeks away, sadly neither DTB nor I were able to get a game in with him... we are on full tourney mode, which meant two matches against the Trollkin for our intrepid Kommissar!  Much like myself, it seems that DTB has decided on his two lists, so he ran each one, while I countered with my anti-hordes list, led by the executioner, Reznik, the Wrath of Ages! 

The forces for today's battle!
DTB's Doomshaper 3 list, or "That's alotta Troll!"

Army List:  Trollkin, controlled by DTB.  This list uses the Power of Dhunia theme force, which gives all beasts threshold +2, some free models, and the ability to start the game with upkeep spells in play!
     Warlock:  Doomshaper 3/ Scroll bearers
     Mountain King
     Earth Born Dire Troll
     5 Whelps (free due to theme force)
     Trollkin Shaman X 2 (both free due to theme force)
     Stone bearer Minimum unit

Kommissar Koala's Protectorate of Menoth list, "Your Flesh is Weak!"

Army List:  Protectorate of Menoth, controlled by Kommissar Koala.  Hordes, beware!  Your flesh... is WEAK!!!
     Warcaster:  Reznik 2
     Scourge of Heresy
     Blood of Martyrs
     Avatar of Menoth
     Revenger (today proxied by the Blessing of Vengeance, since DTB stole my Revenger to help him
            paint up a new light 'jack for me... Yay!
     Idrian Skirmishers
        +Chieftan and Scout
     Choir of Menoth Minimum unit

 The Recon scenario was randomly decided, with a rectangular zone able to be scored by Warbeasts/ Warjacks in the very center of the table, flanked by a circular zone on each side, capable of being scored by units.  In the Steamroller 2017 rules, Warcasters and Warlocks can score any zone, but cannot contest anything, and solos can only score on flags.  First player to five points more than their opponent wins.  Next, the roll to go first came, and DTB won.  He opted to choose the board edge, which meant, much to my despair, that I was going to go first.  Man!  I HATE going first.  Ruins my whole plan.

Setup:  Protectorate of Menoth
I'm lookin' at you, Doomie!
Okay, setting up first.  Well, I had that rubble area to my right, so I decided to put Reznik over there, since huge based models have natural pathfinder.  The Heirophant went to his right side, since he doesn't have to move too fast, so getting into the rough terrain wouldn't be too terrible, and also to keep him out of the way of everyone else.  Then, the jacks set up.  I like to keep the Avatar off to the opposite side as my caster, since he doesn't need to stay in control area, and if I need to keep anything away from Reznik, I can Menoth's Gaze it to keep it from getting closer to him.  Then, the Guardian, Blood of Mayrters, Scourge of Heresy, and Revenger lined up, with the choir filling in between them.

Setup:  Trollkin
Trollies smell hoooman snacks
This is a very small force, but it really packs a wallop!  Not to mention Doomie 3's feat, which is one of my most hated IN ALL THE GAME!!!  Basically, it takes your turn, and goes, NO TURN FOR YOU!!!  Grrrrrr... I know it's coming, and there's nothing I can do to stop it!  Oh well... anyway, Doomie 3 went in the center, with the Mauler, Mulg, and the EBDT to his left, and his little Scroll bearer buddies on his right.  Next to them, the Axer and the Mountain King got ready to bring Dhunia's justice to the Protectorate!  Behind Doomie, the Stone Bearer's lined up, with a Northkin Shaman on each side, and the whelps filled in where they could.

Advanced Deployment:  Protectorate of Menoth
As per usual, the Idrians went out in front to screen as much of my force as possible before they are utterly destroyed.  Good luck boys!  They chose the Shaman on the left side to be their prey.

Advanced Deployment:  Trollkin 
None!  So sad....

Our Story:
A small force from the Interdiction of the Dawn, as they return to the Protectorate from Lern, descends upon a Trollkin village.  Reznik has heard that the chieftan of the village has decried the creator of man, and has added his name to his Orders of Execution.  Doomshaper has appeared to save the village and the life of the chief, and send the Interdicton of the Dawn back to Imer without their prize.
DTB starts the game with his signature move!
Round One:  Protectorate of Menoth
I must to run!  Yes, the Idrinas ran forward towards the center of the board.  The Avatar received 4 focus from the Creator, and used one to run forward, and another to cast Menoth's Gaze... because, why not, right?  The four other jacks also ran, the Revenger heading to the other side of Reznik, being careful to stay out of the rubble.  The Choir moved forward and prayed for passage on all the jacks except the Revenger.  The Heirophant moved up and put Harmonious Exaltation on Reznik, who moved up, and since he was just out of range, used the Guardian's arc node to put Death March on the Idrians, and then put Lamentation on himself.

POM must to run
Round One:  Trollkin
The Earth Born Dire Troll kicked things off by riling and running forward.  Mulg also ran, and two of the whelps followed their big brother protectors.  Doomie activated and put Rush on the Axer and the Mauler, then Admonition on the Mauler (that's a lot of spells!), and then failed a charge on the Scourge to sneak in an extra 3 inches of movement.  The Mauler continued the run trend, and with Rush on him, made it an impressive 12 inches, right into the Idrians!! The Axer put rush on the Mountain King, and then walked towards the zone.  The Mountain King ran right into the edge of the zone and into base to base with more poor Idrians.
Uh, guys?  I think we need bigger guns!
The Shaman on the right ran forward, and the Stone Bearers moved up behind Doomie.... but OH NO!!! Looks like Doomie forgot to put any fury on the stone!  No aura of protection this turn!  The last whelp on the table ran up behind the Mountain King, and the left hand Shaman followed it behind the Mountain King.
Poor Idrians!  Stand firm, boys!

Round Two:  Protectorate of Menoth
I upkept both spells and allocated one focus to the Scourge, while Menoth granted three focus to the Avatar.  The Idrians moved to get lined up for a shot into the prey Shaman... and activated Admonition!  Oh NO!!!  I knew better than to do that.... ugh.  So, anyway, the Mauler took his movement and tied up the Idrians that were going to take the shot.  Only two Idrians were left free, so starting with the Scout, he lined up a shot on the prey Shaman, dealing two damage, and the other took a shot at one of the Stone Scribes, but missed.  The Chief called out to his boys to Go To Ground, hoping to make it through until next turn.  The Revenger ran into the zone behind the Idrians, the Guardian ran into zone as well.  The Avatar ran forward into the left hand zone, and again used Menoth's Gaze.  The Heirophant moved up and put Harmonious Exaltation on Reznik, who then moved up and cast the Flesh is Weak on Mulg, but did no damage, and repositioned three inches back.  The Blood of Martyers ran forward, and the Choir finished up, shielding the Guardian and the Blood of Martyers.
Come get some!
Round Two:  Trollkin
Doomie leeched all fury he could, and decided not to upkeep any of his spells.  He was still a little over, so Mulg ate a whelp and got rid of the excess fury.  Doomie then activated, and the very first thing he did was feat!  DAMN!!!  My next turn is going to be a real pain in the boiler.  Like I said, knew it was coming, nothing I could do about it.  Then Doomie cast Rush and Admonition on Mulg.  The Scroll bearer hid behind the Mauler as Doomie charged an Idrian, boost to hit, boom squish!  He then used the Scroll of the Hand of Trogal, and ended his activation.... but it feels like he forgot something... hmmm, what could it be.  Oh yeah!  He forgot TO LOAD THE STONE AGAIN!  Phew!  That is a lucky break for me.  At least there is one small ray of hope for my next turn.  The Axer walked forward next to the Mountain King and used Thresher.  He put 5 damage on the Mountain king himself (and the king looked at that Axer like he was going to be an after battle snack, let me tell you!), and two Idrians, the Chief and the Scout also got threshed to death.  Not my Chief!  As he goes poof, so does the prey token on the shaman.  Dang!  The Mountain King walked out of combat (no damage on the free strikes), and into base to base with the Avatar, whom he proceeded to pummel to death.  Hmmm.... I believe that I should have done that differently, the poor Avatar went out waaaaaay too cheaply.  The right side Shaman sprayed the Revenger, catching an Idrian as well.  The Idrian died a horrible death, but the Revenger was fine.  The Stone Bearers moved up right behind the skirmish line, and the EBTD used Elemental Communion to get a little extra movement and slammed the Scourge of Heresy.... ONE INCH!!!  Phew!  I know he was trying to slam it into Reznik, so luck was with me there.  Mulg walked up to an Idrian, punched him into a squishy paste, then clubbed the Revenger into a crushed can.  He finally  cast Arcane Suppression on himself for free (thanks, FEAT!!!)  The left Shaman walked into base to base with Doomie, made a cloud, and teleported into the zone.  The last 2 whelps ran, one into the right zone and the other into the left zone protected by the Mountain King.  Whelps control 2 zones!  THE CHEESIEST MODELS IN THE GAME, hahahahaha!

(EDIT EDIT EDIT!!!  after the came finished, we realized that Whelps, as solos, can not control the zones that are claimable by Beasts.  So, for this game only, the Whelps can take zones!  Big day for little whelps!)
When a Dire Troll looks at you like you're a snack

Round Three:  Protectorate of Menoth
VENGEANCE!!!  Plink, plink, plink.  I let Death March expire, since I'm pretty sure that there will be no more Idrians after this turn.  I did upkeep Lamentation, but I had to pay 2 focus due to Doomie's STUPID FEAT!!!  The Blood of Martyers and the Scourge of Heresy loaded up on focus.  I know, it's super hard to kill stuff on the Doomie feat turn, but if I just sit around and do nothing, this game's going to be over really soon!  Reznik cursed the EBDT, and then FEAT!!!  Take that, Doomie!  He finished his activation by retreating 3 inches back.  Okay... now I've GOT TO KILL STUFF!!
 The Choir moved behind the jacks and prayed for Battle!  Cause every little bit is going to help.   The Idrians finished off the Shaman that had been their prey.  The Scourge stoked his heartfire, stood up, and Bashed the EBDT TO DEATH!!!!  Yeah, that was a good start.  Then, decision time.  The Blood of Martyers is a super star when he finally gets into combat, especially when a friendly warrior has died within 5 inches of him.  So, I'm pretty sure he can take out either Mulg or the Mauler, who forgot to activate last turn.  I just have to decide which one is more of a threat.  Are you paying attention, dear reader?  Have you seen my rookie mistake yet?  You're about to!  I decided Mulg posed the greatest threat, and he was standing in a beast Zone, so I decided to send the Blood after him!  Spent one focus, CHARGE!  And in doing so, I ACTIVATED ADMONITION ON MULG, WHO MOVED OUT OF THE WAY.  D'oh.  I mean, really.  I have Admonition myself in my other list.  I know that spell!!!  How did I do that! instead of taking out the Mauler, which would have been totally doable even in DFT (Doomie Feat Turn), I instead wasted the activation of my most potent fighting jack.  Yay.  The Guardian stepped in, trying to salvage this turn, attacking the Axer.and doing a piddly 3 damage after the regeneration effect of the feat.   At least the Blood of Martyers was now contesting the right zone, but the little whelp next to the Mountain King was still controlling the left zone, so one more CP to the Trollkin, bringing the total up to 3-0.
Uh, sir.... did you mean to do that?
Round Three:  Trollkin
Doomie leeched all his fury, and the Trollkin turn began.  The Axer moved around the Idrian to contact as many as he could and used his thresher attack.  Two more dead Idrians, three left on the board, hanging onto that middle zone as hard as they can!  The Shaman grabbed another Idrian by his ammo belt, and thrashed him into a little broken pile of bones.  Doomie moved back a little, put Rage on the Mauler and Admonition on himself (making sure I can't make a last ditch effort at an assassination run), and FINALLY remembered to put 3 fury on the Stone!
Some fury for you, and some fury for YOU!
The stone moved forward and formed a protective ring around Doomie and used one fury for Protective Aura.  Mulg walked into combat with the Blood of Martyers.  6 attacks later, one dead warjack.  And with that, those two little whelps took another two control points, giving DTB 5 more than I had (5-0, yeesh!) and the game.

Superstars of the game?  WHELPS!
Victory for the Trollkin!  As his last jack fell, the executioner slightly inclined his head at the ancient shaman of the Gnarls, part respect and part promise of another encounter in the future, before turning his chariot and leading his remaining troops from the village.

But I didn't get to eat him!!!
I wish I could say that this was a great game, but sadly, I made WAY WAY WAY too many foolish mistakes.  DTB was a great opponent, and I really enjoyed watching his blue skinned barbarians whomp the Creator out of my forces!  Let's face it, the Trollkin are truly the good guys of Western Immoren!  I do think it was funny that the Mountain King, after killing the Avatar, never even turned around to face the rest of the battle.  Like, he was so busy eating the scrap of the Avatar that he couldn't be bothered with the rest of the battlefield.
Hahaha, silly Mountain King.  Thanks, DTB, for letting me make soooo many mistakes now instead of at the tournament!  My Kommissar's Cap off to you, sir!  I look forward to facing off against the Trollkin again soon.

Fukuyama Gaming Club is meeting again September 17, then the Tournament on October 8, free gaming on October 9, and another regular meeting again October 29!  Come and get a game!



  1. Nice writeup! I wish I'd been able to watch more of that match in person, as they are informative. Sadly, I was too busy battling the Nightmare Empire to a mistake-laden draw on the other table.

    1. I wish I could have caught some of your game, as well! The Nightmare Empire is a worthy foe! Looking forward to getting in a game on Sunday!